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At the Heart of the Community

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the new Etonbury Academy Website.

Etonbury is a community school at the very heart of the community. We are proud of our sixty year history of successfully educating local children, and we are now looking forward to exciting changes and new opportunities for all students and the community as Etonbury experiences an unprecedented expansion programme over the next eighteen months and becomes a 9-16 age range school.

To see the plans for the beautiful new classrooms, canteen, fantastic study centre, community sports and fitness centre, fourth generation AstroTurf pitch and more, please see images in gallery to the right.

Here at Etonbury we know that a successful education starts in the home. Young people need to be stretched, to be stimulated, and to know that their families who are their immediate role models, value education and the life-changing opportunities it brings. We work hand in hand with the community to ensure that every child achieves their full potential, and that when the time comes, every student leaves Etonbury with happy and inspiring memories, full of confidence for their future.

Integral to our philosophy is the belief that ability is not fixed, and that potential is not something already set. Enabling student academic and personal growth is about rewarding and praising sustained effort, not just achievement. Here at Etonbury we support every child to try as hard as they can, because we know that students who try not only achieve more than they ever thought possible, but grow in confidence and self-esteem. We recognise that every child has gifts and talents to be encouraged and nurtured within a safe, structured and respectful environment with excellent behavioural standards.

I am immensely proud and privileged to be leading the school into a new and inspiring future. As Etonbury grows we will preserve all of the good work that has made this a great school to be a part of for students, families and staff. But we will challenge ourselves to improve in every way as we embark on the next step of our shared journey, secure in the knowledge that we will always be a fully inclusive learning community that cares and supports every single person within it.

Alex Prior, BA jt Hons, Principal

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