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Etonbury Academy

Etonbury Academy

Principal’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to Etonbury Academy.

We’re a school where every child can shine. Our children are confident, love learning and flourish here at Etonbury. Our people are dedicated professionals who care and nurture every individual child by unlocking their full potential to be the best that they can be. Our proven track record gives you every good reason to consider Etonbury as the right school for your child.

Arriving in year five, our first-class learning environment provides a seamless education  through to year 13, enabling our children to aim high. We will soon be opening our Sixth Form, offering a first class all-through education.

By encouraging a love of learning and building confidence, we ensure every child fulfils their individual potential according to their own abilities, skills and interests. We believe in educating the whole child – inside the classroom and beyond, by giving them an engaging curriculum and a vibrant and adventurous programme of extra-curricular activities.

Set in rural Central Bedfordshire, Etonbury Academy is at the heart of the community. We’re a local school with a global outlook, preparing young people for the future.

Etonbury’s facilities, resources and specialist teaching are second-to-none. So too is our commitment to pastoral care. This is a place where every child is safe, secure and supported.

Every single member of our learning community – students, staff and parents – are part of our success story. Together we make Etonbury Academy a school to be very proud of.

Our children are happy and achieve their full potential, come and see for yourself what makes Etonbury special. We’d be delighted to welcome you.


Ian Evason



Latest News

  • 26 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 26 2021 6:40:47 PM

    We love meeting our alumni and hearing their stories. Thank you for coming @CherylAbbiss

  • 26 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 26 2021 6:37:55 PM

    It's been a busy week with so many achievements. Well done all! #etapraisetexts #BESTstudents

  • 25 Nov 2021 - 5:11 PMNov 25 2021 5:02:05 PM

    Good luck to ETA Debate club and @SwaDebate Club competing in the International Debate Finals 2021 tonight. #GoodluckETA #GoodluckSWA

  • 25 Nov 2021 - 4:11 PMNov 25 2021 4:56:13 PM

    @ETAdebate club are all set for the International Debate Club Finals 2021 starting at 5pm. Good luck to @SwaDebate too! #GoodluckETA #BESTschools

  • 25 Nov 2021 - 11:11 AMNov 25 2021 11:35:02 AM

    Well done to Lara! #etasuperstars #etamusicians

  • 24 Nov 2021 - 7:11 PMNov 24 2021 7:06:00 PM

    A fantastic learning experience delivered by @WarWorkshops . Thank you for making learning so much fun. #Etaexperiences #WW1learning

  • 24 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 24 2021 6:55:36 PM

    We are so pleased to be able to support a charity providing vital mental health and wellbeing services to our local community. Thank you for caring. #MentalHealthMatters

  • 24 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 24 2021 6:48:15 PM

    Very proud of Mrs Hardy, our Head of Music, providing her specialist knowledge today with our BEST family.

  • 22 Nov 2021 - 5:11 PMNov 22 2021 5:50:27 PM

    We're through to the finals on Thursday! We are so proud of @ETAdebate club team.

  • 22 Nov 2021 - 2:11 PMNov 22 2021 2:57:48 PM

    Good luck to @ETAdebate team, the knockout competition starts today!

  • 19 Nov 2021 - 7:11 PMNov 19 2021 7:48:25 PM

    It's been a whopper week of praise texts! We hope our families enjoy celebrating their children's achievements this weekend. Happy Friday. #etapraisetexts #AlwaysAimHigher

  • 19 Nov 2021 - 11:11 AMNov 19 2021 11:37:47 AM

    Year 11 Geography have arrived safe and well #tothebeach @overstrandhall

  • 18 Nov 2021 - 7:11 PMNov 18 2021 7:59:33 PM

    As so many @EtonburyAcademy students came to support Mr Bamford at the @Stotfoldfc game ⚽ Mr B returned the favour by training with @StotfoldJuniors this evening at ETA ⚽ Unfortunately he wasn't good enough to make the team but enjoyed the session ⚽ #TeamETA

  • 18 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 18 2021 6:30:09 PM

    Another brilliant morning in the sun at @GothicMede ☀ Lots of smiles and enthusiastic students during today's PE session! We really enjoyed it Thanks for having us and working so hard! ⚽ @EtonburyAcademy @BedsSchTrust #ETAWay #BestCommunity #BESTSuperstars

  • 18 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 18 2021 6:27:45 PM

    A brilliant morning at @roecroftlower, we thoroughly enjoyed our PE session with you all ⚽ Fantastic to see so many enthusiastic future PE students Thank you for having us! #ETAWay #ETAPE #SportingSuperstars

  • 16 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 16 2021 6:25:16 PM

    Well done FIA! #streettag @letstalkcentral

  • 16 Nov 2021 - 6:11 PMNov 16 2021 6:19:34 PM

    A great performance from the @EtonburyAcademy Year 8 team in the @SchoolsFootball National Cup ⚽ They battled hard against a strong @Leighton_Middle to advance through With goals from: Alfie ⚽ Lucas ⚽ Ronnie ⚽ Roman ⚽ MOM = JC #TeamETA #EtaWay

  • 12 Nov 2021 - 2:11 PMNov 12 2021 2:07:49 PM

    Students have been enjoying their warm refreshments and our brand new pool table at Etonbury Xtra Breakfast Club ☕ To sign up & join in the fun go to Start your day the right way, The ETA way #TeamETA #EtaWay

  • 12 Nov 2021 - 12:11 PMNov 12 2021 12:50:11 PM

    Happy Praise Text Friday! A BIG well done to all of our fabulous students who are working incredibly hard. #etaway #etapraisetexts #BESTstudents

  • 11 Nov 2021 - 9:11 AMNov 11 2021 9:38:20 AM

    At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month – we will remember them. #LestWeForget #RemembranceDay2021

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