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Etonbury Academy

Bully Free Status

Genuine bullying at Etonbury Academy is extremely rare.

We operate a school-wide Bully Free Form Status programme, where every student undertakes a course delivered in form group time that helps them understand what bullying is and isn’t,

the causes of bullying, types of bullying, how to support victims and why bullies bully, and culminates with all form groups presenting their work to guests and the Senior Leadership Team to gain “Bully Free Form Status”. 

All students then sign a pledge never to bully or stand by and allow others to be bullied.

This programme and our continual focus on caring and supporting one another has effected a cultural change within the student body. Etonbury students view bullying as “deeply uncool” and is not something they are prepared to accept in the school.

Our values are those of a caring and supportive learning community, and all our students know that bullying has no place here. We have a zero tolerance policy, and we all really mean it.

Every student has the right to feel safe and happy at school. So we will act on any instance of bullying swiftly and decisively.

We guarantee to:

  • Act on the information and support the victim.
  • Trace the person against whom the allegation has been made.
  • Conduct a full investigation.
  • If required, deal with the offender accordingly and support them to change their behaviour.
  • Ensure the bullying stops, permanently.