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Etonbury Academy


The delivery of PSHCE has been introduced to ensure that each student has access to a planned programme of learning where they will gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed, as they progress through school, to lead confident, healthy and independent lives. Students need to be prepared and taught how to play an active role in society while being supported to make effective transitions from secondary school to further education, training or employment.

At Etonbury we are members of the PSHE association and refer to their guidelines with regards to age and content of suitable schemes to follow at different key stages. At the beginning of each academic year, ground rules are established and agreed to to ensure that the learning environment is one where students can raise questions and confidently explore the topics covered. All questions will be answered in an honest, unbiased and open way. PSHCE at Etonbury is an essential part of the curriculum with carefully structured lessons that aim to promote student wellbeing, whilst offering a safe and secure environment for them to access the correct information. 

Main PSHCE Concepts:

1. Identity                                                           5. Diversity and equality 

2. Relationships                                                6. Rights and Responsibilities

3. Living a healthy balanced lifestyle           7. Dealing with change

4. Risk and safety                                             8. Careers

If you have any further questions regarding PSHCE lessons please contact Mrs Tammy Gant at